Intern or Volunteer Abroad with HELP International!

2016 HELP International Winter Uganda or Fiji Program 

For the Winter Program, volunteers will be traveling to Fiji and Uganda. Volunteers can serve for one or two waves, each wave being six weeks long. Volunteers work with partner organizations in-country on sustainable development projects. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad and even have the opportunity to design their own project. Projects may include teaching English, construction projects, improving water sanitation, building gardens, teaching feminine hygiene, and much more. Volunteers in Uganda will be working closely with Musana (, a partner organization located in Lugazi that employs and empowers female artisans. Project areas include business development and customer service training for a local tourism center and smoothie shop, supporting Lugazi's first community library, micro-lending, and training programs in literacy/English, entrepreneurship, and women's health. 

Program dates and cost:

February 4 - April 28    12 weeks   $3450

February 4 - March 17   6 weeks    $2950

March 17 - April 28       6 weeks    $2950



2016 HELP x Proof Philippines Winter 9 day Program 

Help International will be partnering with Proof Eyewear - - on initiatives to support communities and people of the Philippines. Participant volunteers will assist in executing projects related to economic development, education, visual health, reforestation, and empowerment of vulnerable populations. The program cost $1550 and will run from Feb 5th to Feb 14th. As always, fundraising options and mentoring are available upon accepance into the program. Fluency scholarships of $600 are available for Tagalog speakers and almuni scholarships will be $800 off the program fee. 



2016 Women Rising Uganda Program

We are excited to announce a specialty program focused on the power and influence of women in rural Uganda. HELP International ( and Musana (  are coming together to create an experience for women to go to Lugazi, Uganda to give back to women in need. The 2016 Women Rising Expedition provides opportunities to serve and connect with women seeking to reduce impoverished conditions through education and, entrepreneurship. Mothers, sisters, and daughters are invited to join us in Uganda, where we will both give and receive, teach and be taught, and work together with local women to co-create positive change in the community. 

DATES:     January 2nd – January 12th 2016

COST:     $1,250 Adults, $950 Youth 



2016 HELP International Summer Program 

HELP International volunteers and interns are passionate and committed. Volunteers and interns travel abroad to fight poverty in Peru, Fiji, India, Thailand, the Philippines and Uganda. Countries are subject to change. Volunteers work with partner organizations in-country on sustainable development projects. Projects may include teaching English, building a school, improving water sanitation, building gardens, teaching feminine hygiene, and much more. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad.  In order to enable as many volunteers as possible to participate we have a variety of program length options. Volunteers can serve for four, six, eight or twelve weeks. Program costs and dates are listed below.

May 12 - August 4     12 weeks   $3450

May 12 - July 7           8 weeks    $3250

June 9 - August 4        8 weeks    $3250

May 12 - June 23        6 weeks    $2950

June 23 - August 4      6 weeks    $2950

June 9 - July 7             4 weeks    $2950



2016 Global Health Internship

HELP International is offering an internship program specifically designed for students in medical and public health programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. These interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Global Health interns will be placed in country based on qualifications, background, and project emphasis. Examples of project experience include: medical job shadowing, medical administration and operations, andcommunity outreach.



2016 HELP International Country Coordinator

Country Coordinators lead teams of volunteers and interns overseas and facilitate service and development projects to benefit local communities. They work with community leaders and organizations to buld partnerships, assess needs, and build social programs to improve societies and support sustainable change.  

HELP International seeks Country Coordinators who are passionate, committed, and strong leaders to help run our international programs. Must have solid leadership and internatinal experience to apply. Two applicants will be hired for each of the countries in which HELP operates. The 2016 programs will include: Peru, Uganda, India, Thailand, Fiji, Nepal, and the Philippines.


Do More Scholarship Nomination 

Our Programs thrive off of incredible interns and volunteers who work as committed project leads, proactively brainstorm and asses needs on the ground and problem solve ways to bridge gaps in the communities in which they work. Because of this, every year HELP gives scholarships to those who demonstrate incredible leadership skills and outstanding character with our Do More Scholarship. These applicants are received by nomination and after special interview, references, and application can receive a scholarship for our program for $1000-$2,500. If you know someone who fits this, please fill out a nomination form at the apply now button below and get us connected to them!  


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